KOREA FIBLON Fusing Machine Series

WOOSUN Industrial Sewing Machines Taiwan


Zhejiang GEMSY Sewing Machine

Fully Computerized Auto cutting system equipped with High Class Japanese Technology effectively covering variety of Industrial and Commercial needs.
Needle Detector Machinery
Full Range of Industrial RECONDITIONED Machinery

is a tried and trusted name in state-of-the-art Textile Machinery known for its performance & robustness since 1970 when we took off the steady flight by manufacturing textile power looms, domestic sewing machines and accessories thereof which were top ranking products in indigenous industry.

In the year 1980 we entered in industrial machinery Sector by importing used re-conditioned machinery from Japan for garment units. With industrious struggle and continuous laborious endeavors for one decade, by 1990, ITTEHAD was only leading GROUP in Pakistan providing all type of machinery from Cutting to Finishing, Denim, Hosiery, Leather Garments, multi-head computerized embroidery, Knitting, Weaving and whatsoever the demand of the time.

Being the largest Importers of Industrial Sewing Machinery in Pakistan, ITTEAHD have proven a track record of steady and solid performance, which takes excellence and long term growth as a basis of its corporate philosophy. In order to meet the professional requirements of their valuable clients, ITTEHAD always look forward for the opportunities to introduce latest inventions & advanced technology in the field. Our Suppliers Range is spread around the World, from China to Korea & from Japan to Taiwan. Our network for collection of high Tech, multi function and high cost machinery in almost all concerned countries abroad is so beautifully organized that any machine & every machine is available any time & every time in our Warehouses. Regardless of any Brand name , Machine or model, we always enthusiastic to fulfill our valued customer’s requirement according to changing trend of time and industry as we have got long experience to do this.

We are Authorized Agents for several companies producing quality goods like:

1. Richpeace Technology Co. Ltd, Hong Kong.
2. Taking Industrial Co. Ltd, Taiwan.
3. INFONET Corporation , Taipei, Taiwan.
4. KINGLION Sewing Machine Co. Ltd, China.
5. Lih Chih Electric Co. Ltd, Taiwan.
6. SICAMA Sewing Machine Co., Taiwan.
7. Beijing Machinery & Equipment, Import & Export     Corporation, China.
8. Dongweon Company, Seoul, Korea.


Sole Distributors of:

1. Sunstar Machinery Co., Ltd.
2. GRACEFUL Technology Co. (All Products)
3. Korea Fiblon Co. Ltd, Seoul, Korea.
4. New WOOSUN Trading Co. Ltd. Taiwan.
5. Northphenix Intelligence Technology Co. Ltd.
6. Global Industrial Supply Co. Ltd.
7. Yaxiang Iron Inspection Instrument Co. Ltd.
8. TAKATORI Science & Technology Co. Ltd. Japan.
9. Zhejiang GEMSY Sewing Machine Co. Ltd, China.

Graceful Technology Company is a large Organization having Industrial Production Units in Various countries of the world. producing versatile multipurpose machinery under GRACEFUL Brand, known for quality & Strength.

Embriodery Machine
Single needle lock stitch machines

high speed two needle machinery

interlock sewing machine series

zig-zag embroidery machines
over lock machines series
Special Sewing Machine Series
Cutting Machine Series
Packing Machine Series
Special Function Machines
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